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I started this pizza without fully reading the recipe. I had read the ingredient list to make sure I had every thing. I substituted red peppers and mushrooms for the meat. It was saturday around 5 p.m. when I began. The crust came together easily in the food processor , I only used a small amount of sugar as this seemed better given the savory inside. I rolled out the bottom and thought the dough was quite easy to work with. I then made the filling and thought it tasted rather bland. I added several spices including, basil, garlic powder and crushed red pepper. The taste improved from these additions. I then rolled out the dough for the lattice. This was my first time with lattice, it was pretty easy. I put the filling inside and added  the lattice. All came together without much of a hitch. It was at that time my daughter, (home from college and planning to go out for the evening asked when we would be eating) I said it needs  to cook for 35 minutes. I then read that it is supposed to cool completely before eating!! Oops, should have read the recipe all the way through. Any way it baked up beautifully and I let it cool for 15 minutes. Cutting this bad boy was not pretty!! It looked more like pudding then pizza. The consensus was that the taste was good even though the presentation left much to be desired. This seemed more like quiche then pizza but an interesting recipe all the same. l am very happy to add lattice to my baking repertoire.



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I have been baking for 40 plus years, I have made all types of bread, but I have never made Irish soda bread until today. This recipe was extremely easy. I followed the directions, added a cup of raisins and put it in the oven. I baked it for 47 minutes and it came out looking beautiful. I let it cool and then wrapped it in a towel waiting to be eaten at dinner time.

As I was preparing for dinner, I unwrapped the bread and placed it on the cutting board. I was able to slice it quite easily. I brought it out to the porch with the rest of the meal. It is unusually warm in Minneapolis and we have been eating outside for the past several days. Yippee!!! I tried the bread and enjoyed the consistency of it. I am someone who generally eats my bread without butter or jam.This bread was lacking in flavor . My kitchen assistant put butter on the bread and thought it was good but not exceptional. I then put some butter on it to see if that would improve the flavor. Better but not something I would gravitate towards. In the end we decided it was a perfectly decent loaf of bread, but not one I would make again.



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I was so happy to see that this was a choice early on in the book. I had made this recipe in December and fell in love with it. I have eaten rugelach since I was a child. My mother made it with yeast dough, brown butter, raisins, cinnamon/sugar and walnuts. I have made it yearly with my friend Cynthia and have tried various fillings. This year I was reading the 12 days of cookies in the blog Lottie and Doof and there was this rugelach recipe. To say I was excited is an understatement.I made the prune lekvar and was ready to go. This time around I bought the lekvar at the cooking store to do a comparison. I had a little trouble with my first rectangle, it was too thin in some places and was difficult to roll up. For the second rectangle I cut it in half, this made it significantly easier to manage. I also made half of what was recommended  in the recipe for the filling.( Last time i had way too much)

This is a time filled process but so worth it!! I also had some difficulty first time around with the cookies unrolling in the baking process. This time I sealed them with extra egg wash and had much better results. These look like little buns and they taste FANTASTIC. This is a recipe I will make over and over again. Thanks for choosing it!!


TWD/Baking with Julia :Chocolate Truffle Tartlets February 21, 2012

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Post number 2 for TWD/Baking with Julia:  Chocolate TruffleTartletts.

I was looking forward to trying this choice as I love chocolate and have many small tart pans that get very little use. I made the crust in my Cuisinart and it came together easily. I left it in the refrigerator over night and then began the process of rolling out the dough. This went along pretty well as I had read that if it cracked I could just push it back together. I had the right amount of dough to make 6 tarts. After refrigerating them, I put them in the oven to bake. I began the process of making the filling. This too seemed quite easy. I left out the biscotti and used the 2 chocolates. I put the filling in the crust and thought it seemed a bit short for filling all six. They were decent but not to the top. After letting them sit I tried to release them from the pan, this was fairly easy on some and not so easy on others. I decided to chill them for a while and this seemed to help with the release process. I had to take a taste, YUM!!!! This was really good. I had thought it might be on the intense side but to my surprise it was light and smooth. I gave some to my kitchen helper who is not a big fan of chocolate and the response was positive. In conclusion I was pleased with the results of this project. I am not sure if I need to use more butter to grease the pans or I baked them too long. Definitely worth another try.


TWD: WHITE LOAVES February 7, 2012

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First post for Tuesday’s with Dorie/ Baking with Julia.ImageImage I am excited as I start this new endeavor. I bought bread flour and already had all the other ingredients. As I read through the recipe I decided I would try using  the bread hook on my mixer. I use my mixer several times a week for other baking, but I have never used the bread hook. As I followed along, things went quite well. I put it in the bowl for the first rise and went out to walk the dog. Upon returning the dough had risen beautifully!! I split it in half and decided to put cinnamon and sugar in one of the loaves. Following the directions, I then put both leaves in the pans and covered them. In about an hour they again had risen and looked great. I put them in the oven and set the timer. The smell was fabulous and they looked fantastic. After cooling I cut into the first loaf, it was easy to make clean straight cuts. My kitchen accomplice made a sandwich and I just tasted the bread. Both of us thought it was okay, neither of us was overwhelmed. I tried it again in the morning and toasted it; again I was not in love with this bread. It seemed a little airy and I much prefer a denser quality to my bread. So in the end it looks great but I would not make this recipe again. I truly enjoyed making something that I probably would not have otherwise tried.


Thinking about joining Baking with Julia !!! January 19, 2012

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As I read Dorie’s blog today, I thought about trying to join her new baking group. I went to the bookstore and paged through the book. Many recipes look inviting. I then read the rules for joining this baking group and saw that each participant must have a blog!!!. As I pondered this I remembered that several years ago I had thought about starting a blog. I recalled the name I had picked and then tried to find it. No Luck!!! I then went down stairs to the old computer to see if there was any sign of this blog. Yes!! there it was in an old email The Quirky Baker @Wordpress.com. I am now trying to remember how it worked and then if that is successful, move on to a decision about joining the Baking with Julia group.


November 7, 2009

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Quirky baker, thats me!  my first post to the new blog. Hoping there will be many more.