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Hazelnut Biscotti : Baking with Julia / TWD July 3, 2012

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I Love biscotti!! I do not love hazelnuts!!! I decided to make half the recipe since that is my general plan with new baking endeavors. I also made some substitutions and additions .Out with the hazelnuts, in with toasted pecans. My favorite biscotti has chocolate covered raisins and chocolate chips so I added those to the mix. Also added a splash of strong coffee instead of the liqueur. I thought the recipe was pretty easy to follow. I was especially pleased with the idea given for the second baking. I have never done it that way but have certainly burnt many a finger doing it the traditional way.  They came out nicely crisped. I will try this on my other biscotti recipes and see how it works, if it is successful then making this recipe was worth it for that technique alone!! I thought the texture of these was good, I felt the flavor was slightly lacking. The kitchen assistant, who is not a biscotti fan, thought they were tasty. I would probably stick with some of my other biscotti recipes rather then make this one again.


11 Responses to “Hazelnut Biscotti : Baking with Julia / TWD”

  1. I love all your additions – choc-covered raisins, choc chip and pecans!! i think its these additions that make all the difference!

  2. Very nice ideas for variations on the main theme. Pecans, raisins and chocolate as additions to this recipe sound wonderful and delicious. And the photo of your finished Biscotti looks very pretty!

  3. Jodie Says:

    Additions would be great on these, which I thought were very dry. Great job!

  4. mireia Says:

    What a shame you didn’t love them but they sure look fantastic, raisins on it is a great idea!!!!!

  5. Your cookies look great! Will make it soon…ismyzen.wordpress.com


  6. Liz Says:

    Love your additions…I never would have thought of chocolate covered raisins, but I approve 🙂

  7. Teresa Says:

    They look lovely and your variations sound great!

  8. oven chaos Says:

    Choco covered raisins? I am in 🙂 Maybe some Kahlua…Your variation of the recipe is great!

  9. Cher Says:

    Nice variation on the add-ins. I love recipes like this that can be easily changed up to one’s tastes or available ingredients.

  10. Katrina Says:

    Mmm, love your additions with all the chocolate. Thanks for baking along with this one.

  11. Cathleen Says:

    Your additions sounded great! If yours were bland, mine were down right tastless!

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