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Blueberry Nectarine Pie :TWD/ Baking with Julia July 31, 2012

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  Pie is not my favorite, pie is the favorite of the kitchen assistant. I looked at the recipe and made a few changes. While I know many crust recipes call for the use of shortening I am not a fan of this ingredient. I used an old recipe (from my mother) that only uses butter in the crust. I also changed the ratio of fruit due to what was in my kitchen. I used 6 peeled nectarines and 11/2 cups of blueberries. I followed the recipe by cooking part of the fruit and then adding it to the uncooked portion. It had quite a bit of liquid so I added 2 TBS of cornstarch. I rolled out the crust, added the fruit and rolled out the top. I cut slits in the top and sprinkled it with cinnamon/sugar.  The pie looked nice and cut quite easily. I thought the flavor was good and the crust very tasty. I expected the kitchen assistant to love this pie, that was not the response I received. Better luck next time!


Hazelnut Biscotti : Baking with Julia / TWD July 3, 2012

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I Love biscotti!! I do not love hazelnuts!!! I decided to make half the recipe since that is my general plan with new baking endeavors. I also made some substitutions and additions .Out with the hazelnuts, in with toasted pecans. My favorite biscotti has chocolate covered raisins and chocolate chips so I added those to the mix. Also added a splash of strong coffee instead of the liqueur. I thought the recipe was pretty easy to follow. I was especially pleased with the idea given for the second baking. I have never done it that way but have certainly burnt many a finger doing it the traditional way.  They came out nicely crisped. I will try this on my other biscotti recipes and see how it works, if it is successful then making this recipe was worth it for that technique alone!! I thought the texture of these was good, I felt the flavor was slightly lacking. The kitchen assistant, who is not a biscotti fan, thought they were tasty. I would probably stick with some of my other biscotti recipes rather then make this one again.