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I started this pizza without fully reading the recipe. I had read the ingredient list to make sure I had every thing. I substituted red peppers and mushrooms for the meat. It was saturday around 5 p.m. when I began. The crust came together easily in the food processor , I only used a small amount of sugar as this seemed better given the savory inside. I rolled out the bottom and thought the dough was quite easy to work with. I then made the filling and thought it tasted rather bland. I added several spices including, basil, garlic powder and crushed red pepper. The taste improved from these additions. I then rolled out the dough for the lattice. This was my first time with lattice, it was pretty easy. I put the filling inside and added  the lattice. All came together without much of a hitch. It was at that time my daughter, (home from college and planning to go out for the evening asked when we would be eating) I said it needs  to cook for 35 minutes. I then read that it is supposed to cool completely before eating!! Oops, should have read the recipe all the way through. Any way it baked up beautifully and I let it cool for 15 minutes. Cutting this bad boy was not pretty!! It looked more like pudding then pizza. The consensus was that the taste was good even though the presentation left much to be desired. This seemed more like quiche then pizza but an interesting recipe all the same. l am very happy to add lattice to my baking repertoire.



  1. Jane,

    Your pie looks fabulous. The fluted edges are so decorative.
    I’m with you…it’s hard to wait for the pie to cool…
    I loved this pie.

  2. Sunshine x 2 Says:

    Glad to hear the spices helped. Did less sugar help as well as far as taste goes?

  3. mireia Says:

    Love the result!!! It’s always the same for me, I never read the instructions before!!!

  4. breaddivas Says:

    Wow, yours is gorgeous! I love your idea to add some red pepper flakes to kick up the flavor a notch. I tried adding some paprika but it just got lost in the shuffle.

  5. betsy Says:

    Wasn’t it fun to learn how to make a lattice. It was easier than I expected, but I didn’t weave it. That will have to be a challenge for another day. What a nice looking pie.

  6. I too made a vegetarian version.. the red peppers and mushrooms sounds like a good idea.. i agree the lattice was a good touch!!

  7. Wendy Says:

    Your pizza rustica looks great. I’m bad about reading all the way through too.

  8. Alice Says:

    haha, we ate ours HOT out of the oven and now, a couple days later, its the way we prefer it – instead of room temp or cold… 🙂 Looks great though! oh and it doesnt cut very nicely when its hot, but we had no issue with that… not stupendous for blog pics but it was still tasty 🙂

  9. Cathleen Says:

    You did a great job on the lattice! Looks great.

  10. janwa Says:

    Good idea lessening the sugar called for in the recipe….with the amount listed I really found it too sweet 🙂 Love your variation too.

  11. Cher Says:

    I definitely sold this as a ricotta pie more than the pizza.
    Not reading a recipe all the way through has caught me on more than one occasion 🙂

  12. jen Says:

    Ahaha I was totally bummed too when I had to wait for it to cool! It felt like forever!

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