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I have been baking for 40 plus years, I have made all types of bread, but I have never made Irish soda bread until today. This recipe was extremely easy. I followed the directions, added a cup of raisins and put it in the oven. I baked it for 47 minutes and it came out looking beautiful. I let it cool and then wrapped it in a towel waiting to be eaten at dinner time.

As I was preparing for dinner, I unwrapped the bread and placed it on the cutting board. I was able to slice it quite easily. I brought it out to the porch with the rest of the meal. It is unusually warm in Minneapolis and we have been eating outside for the past several days. Yippee!!! I tried the bread and enjoyed the consistency of it. I am someone who generally eats my bread without butter or jam.This bread was lacking in flavor . My kitchen assistant put butter on the bread and thought it was good but not exceptional. I then put some butter on it to see if that would improve the flavor. Better but not something I would gravitate towards. In the end we decided it was a perfectly decent loaf of bread, but not one I would make again.



  1. Looks great, I love it with some IKerrygold butter 🙂

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  3. I enjoyed mine with lots of butter slathered on it! I thought it was good.

  4. Wendy Says:

    Too bad it wasn’t a big hit with you. At least it was simple to bake!

  5. Jane,

    Sometimes all that is needed is a tad more salt. Actually, I threw a pinch more in mine. You’d be surprised how that can make a difference.

    Your bread looks wonderful!

    ~ Carmen

  6. at50bake Says:

    Your bread looks wonderful..I’m going to try it next time with raisins.

  7. bygore Says:

    Yay, another WordPress blogger who has challenges. Read my blog if you have time. Loved the Irish Soda Bread, next time I’ll leave the Craisins out and make the traditional recipe to serve with home made soup or stew.

    Bon Appetit ~

  8. bevwinchester Says:

    I added currants bathed in cognac- it was pretty darn yummy. Your bread looks lovely- perhaps a bit more salt? Or you can’t ever go wrong with a dollop of honey.

  9. Teresa Says:

    It’s too bad this didn’t thrill you – perhaps you’d like a brown (whole wheat) version a little better? That’s the kind we usually make in my family.

  10. galettista Says:

    We’ve been enjoying unseasonably warm weather here in Philadelphia too. I enjoyed the soda bread (with butter). It doesn’t have the fragrance and texture of a yeast bread, but it’s so quick to make.

  11. I didn’t love this bread either…if I made it again I would add something in it to sweeten it up a bit 🙂 Nice pictures!

  12. Jenn Ragland Says:

    But wasn’t it a great vehicle for butter and jam?

  13. Cher Says:

    This bread was definitely happier when there was something with it or on it.
    lovely loaf

  14. I would agree that this bread needs something to accompany it. It is not spectacular on its own.

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