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I have been baking for 40 plus years, I have made all types of bread, but I have never made Irish soda bread until today. This recipe was extremely easy. I followed the directions, added a cup of raisins and put it in the oven. I baked it for 47 minutes and it came out looking beautiful. I let it cool and then wrapped it in a towel waiting to be eaten at dinner time.

As I was preparing for dinner, I unwrapped the bread and placed it on the cutting board. I was able to slice it quite easily. I brought it out to the porch with the rest of the meal. It is unusually warm in Minneapolis and we have been eating outside for the past several days. Yippee!!! I tried the bread and enjoyed the consistency of it. I am someone who generally eats my bread without butter or jam.This bread was lacking in flavor . My kitchen assistant put butter on the bread and thought it was good but not exceptional. I then put some butter on it to see if that would improve the flavor. Better but not something I would gravitate towards. In the end we decided it was a perfectly decent loaf of bread, but not one I would make again.



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I was so happy to see that this was a choice early on in the book. I had made this recipe in December and fell in love with it. I have eaten rugelach since I was a child. My mother made it with yeast dough, brown butter, raisins, cinnamon/sugar and walnuts. I have made it yearly with my friend Cynthia and have tried various fillings. This year I was reading the 12 days of cookies in the blog Lottie and Doof and there was this rugelach recipe. To say I was excited is an understatement.I made the prune lekvar and was ready to go. This time around I bought the lekvar at the cooking store to do a comparison. I had a little trouble with my first rectangle, it was too thin in some places and was difficult to roll up. For the second rectangle I cut it in half, this made it significantly easier to manage. I also made half of what was recommended  in the recipe for the filling.( Last time i had way too much)

This is a time filled process but so worth it!! I also had some difficulty first time around with the cookies unrolling in the baking process. This time I sealed them with extra egg wash and had much better results. These look like little buns and they taste FANTASTIC. This is a recipe I will make over and over again. Thanks for choosing it!!