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TWD: WHITE LOAVES February 7, 2012

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First post for Tuesday’s with Dorie/ Baking with Julia.ImageImage I am excited as I start this new endeavor. I bought bread flour and already had all the other ingredients. As I read through the recipe I decided I would try using  the bread hook on my mixer. I use my mixer several times a week for other baking, but I have never used the bread hook. As I followed along, things went quite well. I put it in the bowl for the first rise and went out to walk the dog. Upon returning the dough had risen beautifully!! I split it in half and decided to put cinnamon and sugar in one of the loaves. Following the directions, I then put both leaves in the pans and covered them. In about an hour they again had risen and looked great. I put them in the oven and set the timer. The smell was fabulous and they looked fantastic. After cooling I cut into the first loaf, it was easy to make clean straight cuts. My kitchen accomplice made a sandwich and I just tasted the bread. Both of us thought it was okay, neither of us was overwhelmed. I tried it again in the morning and toasted it; again I was not in love with this bread. It seemed a little airy and I much prefer a denser quality to my bread. So in the end it looks great but I would not make this recipe again. I truly enjoyed making something that I probably would not have otherwise tried.


12 Responses to “TWD: WHITE LOAVES”

  1. Tierney Says:

    Even if you didn’t care for the taste, your bread looks lovely. And it’s always fun to try new things, even if they don’t always turn out quite right (or to your taste). Hopefully you’ll enjoy the next recipe more!

  2. The bread looks really tasty – I hope you try it again, it really was quite good. Maybe it will come out a little denser next time.

  3. Alice Says:

    Either way, it looks great! Maybe you will try it again sometime? But then maybe we will bake something you like even better! 🙂 Great first shot at TWD!! Welcome aboard!

  4. Congratulations on getting out the dough hook and trying new things! Your loaves look yummy.

    • jane Says:

      thanks for the support. I usually make artisan bread and there is no kneading. I am lucky enough to have a Viking mixer so handling the dough was no issue

  5. Cher Says:

    Looks like the bread hook got a good workout 🙂 Even if it wasn’t your favorite, it looks great!

  6. Jules Says:

    Looks fabulous. And now you can say you’ve made it. 😉

  7. Rachel B Says:

    Sorry you didn’t love this one but I’m glad you gave it a go. Doesn’t it feel great to do something new? Looking forward to baking with you. Cheers!

  8. tsimmisthyme Says:

    Sorry you didn’t love this bread. Your loaves look lovely even if you weren’t impressed with the taste. I see from your comment above that you have been making artisan bread so you have much more experience at this than I did. We really enjoyed it and since I have one teenager still home that usually turns her nose up at anything more exotic than Wonder Bread this was quite a step up when she ate all but the crust and asked if her PB&J for school could be made with it. Check out the sourdough Marilyn at cookteachgrow.wordpress.com made on Super Sunday. It has to be the prettiest, fanciest bread I’ve ever seen.

  9. juju73 Says:

    Welcome to TWD! THis group will change your life! Nicely done, even if you won’t be making it again.

  10. Teresa Says:

    It can only go up from here – the bread looked like it turned out well, though. Here’s to many baking & blogging adventures.

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