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TWD/Baking with Julia :Chocolate Truffle Tartlets February 21, 2012

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Post number 2 for TWD/Baking with Julia:  Chocolate TruffleTartletts.

I was looking forward to trying this choice as I love chocolate and have many small tart pans that get very little use. I made the crust in my Cuisinart and it came together easily. I left it in the refrigerator over night and then began the process of rolling out the dough. This went along pretty well as I had read that if it cracked I could just push it back together. I had the right amount of dough to make 6 tarts. After refrigerating them, I put them in the oven to bake. I began the process of making the filling. This too seemed quite easy. I left out the biscotti and used the 2 chocolates. I put the filling in the crust and thought it seemed a bit short for filling all six. They were decent but not to the top. After letting them sit I tried to release them from the pan, this was fairly easy on some and not so easy on others. I decided to chill them for a while and this seemed to help with the release process. I had to take a taste, YUM!!!! This was really good. I had thought it might be on the intense side but to my surprise it was light and smooth. I gave some to my kitchen helper who is not a big fan of chocolate and the response was positive. In conclusion I was pleased with the results of this project. I am not sure if I need to use more butter to grease the pans or I baked them too long. Definitely worth another try.


TWD: WHITE LOAVES February 7, 2012

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First post for Tuesday’s with Dorie/ Baking with Julia.ImageImage I am excited as I start this new endeavor. I bought bread flour and already had all the other ingredients. As I read through the recipe I decided I would try using  the bread hook on my mixer. I use my mixer several times a week for other baking, but I have never used the bread hook. As I followed along, things went quite well. I put it in the bowl for the first rise and went out to walk the dog. Upon returning the dough had risen beautifully!! I split it in half and decided to put cinnamon and sugar in one of the loaves. Following the directions, I then put both leaves in the pans and covered them. In about an hour they again had risen and looked great. I put them in the oven and set the timer. The smell was fabulous and they looked fantastic. After cooling I cut into the first loaf, it was easy to make clean straight cuts. My kitchen accomplice made a sandwich and I just tasted the bread. Both of us thought it was okay, neither of us was overwhelmed. I tried it again in the morning and toasted it; again I was not in love with this bread. It seemed a little airy and I much prefer a denser quality to my bread. So in the end it looks great but I would not make this recipe again. I truly enjoyed making something that I probably would not have otherwise tried.